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Animal care, owners and pet sitters

Animal care, owners and pet sitters

07 Mar 2010

Do you have a pet, which rewards you with its unconditionately affection and you are overwhelm by guilt because you have been neglected it, for same time? You can not manage to walk or play with it daily, in the park, no matter haw much you try?

The solution is a pet care giver, an attentive and sensitive person, an animals lover employed to do all these in your place.

From the moment you found the ideal candidate, has a great importance the submition to the big test: meeting with your pet. At first, you should be present to see how the tings are going, to supervise the reaction of your pet in care giverís company. You will now that you have made the right choice when your pet sarts to move its tail in care giverís presence.

Emergency phone call numbers such as: your numbers, doctorís numbers, the ones of family members, friends, should be written down in a easy reachable note book.

Animal care, owners and pet sittersAnimal care, owners and pet sitters
Author: Andreea Ioana Colotin
Source: NannySource

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