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FAQ addressed to caregivers

FAQ addressed to caregivers

06 Feb 2010

Whether you are going to hire a nanny, a nurse, a maid, a housekeeper or a care giver for your pet is crucial to know if the potential employee is worthy of all trust you and you can assign her/him careless what is the most important for you: child, house, or the beloved pet for.

Besides checking references and resume, the interview is a very effective way to find what your family i looking for. A good interview will help you understand the personality, preferences and skills of future nanny, nurse, maid, housekeeper or care giver.

Prepare your set of questions and list of family preferences in advance. Is good to know that while you are interviewing the potential nanny she is doing the exactly same thing with you. The prepared questions say a lot about you, especially if the sitteris experienced in dealing with people.

It is good that first meeting with candidates to be in a public place, a cafe or restaurant and only when you have decided on a person a home invite her home for seeing the future working environment.


Before interviewing the person face to face, eliminate all unfit candidates / applicants on a brief phone conversation. Basic questions:

Name and contact information?
You are a Romanian citizen or legal resident?
What is your availability sir/madam?
What is your fee?
You can provide references, including names and contacts?
Do you live nearby?
Can you provide your own transportation?

If the persons selected meet the basis conditions for employment, reserved your time to check references and then set the interview itself.


During the interview observe carefully the behavior, mannerisms and personality of future nanny. Conduct the interview in a friendly manner without losing sight of her/him for observing if she avoids eye contact, blushes, kneads the hands or she is showing a liberated attitude.

After a brief presentation of the parts, start to ask questions from the list. Do not forget to take notes for reviewing them later. Encouraje the nanny and to ask you questions, too.


What is your experiences in this field?
Since when hve you been practicing this profession?
How many families have you worked so far, for?
Are you working at the moment? And if so, why you want to change jobs?
Can you say something about previous experiences?
What was the most difficult situation you\'ve faced in the past? And how did you solve it?
What do you think is the biggest challenge in this job?
You will be able to get comfortable and to respect our rules?

Character and compatibility:

Have you ever been arrested / convicted?
Would you mind if I come home unannounced from time to time?
Do you have children or animals? And that is the strategy of discipline?
Which are your religious beliefs and do you think that they are contradicting ours?
You are allergic to animals, food, etc. or suffer from any chronic or contagious diseases?
Do you have driving license? Would you show me the license?
The car has insurance?
What salary do you want?
How do you prefer to receive the payment: cash, check? And how often: once or twice a month?
What drew you to this profession?
What would you change in this profession?
What activities you like and what activities you dislike?
How do you think would look the perfect family for you?
What was the most pleasant place where you worked and what was the most unpleasant?
What is your greatest personal achievement?


Speak about you.
Which are your hobbies?
Which are your studies?
What qualities and the defects do you have?
Why do you want this job?
What do you feel about our family and what we can offer you in addition to the last family you have worked for?
What recommends you for this position and why we should hire you?
You are an angry person? How do you react when you are angry?
How you would define honor in your conception?

After finishing the question, do not rush to give her the post instanly, book yourself a day or two to review the notes, but do not forget to tell the candidate that you will give her a return phone call in a day or two for response.

FAQ addressed to caregivers
Author: Andreea Ioana Colotin
Source: NannySource

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