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Fix your fee

Fix your fee

06 Mar 2010

You have decided to be employed as nanny, babysitter, nanny, nurse, housekeeper? Do you think that is the job for which you have necessary training and experience? If so, you need to know your value, how to sell yourself!

A first step would be a study of labor market and offers from this area in order to establish your financial or other demands.

Preparing a CV in detail, with all your qualifications and work experiences included, the centralization of all references that you have is another important step in this process of finding a job.

Prepare a brief presentation about you. Let the future employer know about you, everything you consider necessary to remember!

A list of questions, prepared in advanse, addressed to the family, it will be advisable and helpful if you want to know better the future working environment.

The most important aspect you must well set in mind is the financial aspect. You need to know which is your price, your value, how much you want to receive as salary, the ideal amount; but also is better to fix a minimum and maximum ceiling for negotiation. The wage level should be directly proportional to the number and difficulty of the tasks that belong to the post, so it is good knowing what you are willing to do and what not and which are your limits.

Fix your fee
Author: Andreea Ioana Colotin
Source: NannySource

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