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Prepare questions for parents

Prepare questions for parents

06 Mar 2010

The interview is the decisive evidence that one must pass to obtain a job as nanny, housekeeper, nurse or care giver. Now you have the opportunity to ask questions the family, questions that can help you know it better.

About family and house rules

- Have you ever had a nanny, babysitter, maid, etc.? If so, why did you dismiss her? If not, how you ever managed without an extra help?
- Do you think your religious affiliation would be in conflict with my religion?
- How do you want me to act in emergency cases? Who do I contact and how?
- Which are the house rules regarding the phone use, internet etc?
- There are some restricted areas of the house or areas I do not have access in?
- You have the security system in the house? Should I use it myself?
- Would you show me where things are placed in the house?
- Other rules you should know about?

The job requirements and expectations

- Can you tell which are tasks that need to fulfill?
- Which is the working program?
- There is a routine I must follow?
- Do you have animals in the house? It is my job to care of them?
- Do you want me to wear a certain outfit for work? And if so, what?

Prepare questions for parents
Author: Andreea Ioana Colotin
Source: NannySource

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