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School help, parents, children and tutors

School help, parents, children and tutors

08 Mar 2010

The education of our children is the only thing worthy to invest in, because we are investing in the future. According to their skills we can appeal to a tutorís help for improving childrenís knowledges. The advantages of private lessons are obvious: individual work, solving the uncertainties and highlighting the talents of the children.

The tutor, teacher to whom we are entrusting our child must be a well trained person, calm, experienced in working with children.

Procure all contact details of tutor, try to know him as much as possible and ask for references. Ask the child if understands the explanations of tutor and enjoys his presence. The relaxed attitude of the child around the tutor is important because will ease their communication. The purpose of private lessons is helping the child understanding topics as Mathematics, Romanian, Physics, History, Geography, foreign languages etc. and not stressing more the child.

School help, parents, children and tutors
Author: Andreea Ioana Colotin
Source: NannySource

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