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Caregivers: babysitter, elderly care, tutors, housekeepers, pet sitters

Caregivers. Candidates/Applicants for jobs: child care, elderly care, school help, home care, animal care. helps you to find as quickly as possible the best person for the following jobs: nanny, babysitter, child caregiver, maid, housekeeper, home caregiver, nurse, senior caregiver, pet caregiver, tutor, teacher.


Caregiver candidate animal care - Stefania B.woman 24 years
Stefania B. (0 years experience, nonsmoker, 15-25Ron/Hour)
Caregiver: animal care
Bucuresti, 041455 | Romania

Studenta in anul 1, fara experienta si iubesc animalele.

Caregiver candidate child care, school help, home care - Adina B.woman 33 years
Adina B. (1 year experience, nonsmoker, 1000-1200Ron/Month)
Caregiver: child care, school help, home care
Bucuresti, 51 | Romania

Qualification as nanny, aptitudes and tested by agencies of babysitting -working with the best agencies of babysitting from Bucharest -in study with nursing school -sanitary and psychologies...

Caregiver candidate animal care - Ionut 26 years
Ionut Z. (1 year experience, smoker, 25-50Ron/Day)
Caregiver: animal care
Bucuresti, 050322 | Romania

Iubitor de animale sociabil punctual am lucrat la cabinet veterinar ca si asistent SERIOS

Caregiver candidate animal care - Dan 60 years
Dan S. (0 years experience, nonsmoker, 25-25Ron/Hour)
Caregiver: animal care
Bucuresti, 032152 | Romania

Plimbat caini

Caregiver candidate child care, elderly care, school help, home care, animal care - Relu 31 years
Relu M. (6 years experience, nonsmoker, 0-1Ron/Hour)
Caregiver: child care, elderly care, school help, home care, animal care
Bucuresti, 051854 | Romania

Doresc un job pt cele postate de mine .

Caregiver candidate animal care - Roxana S.woman 24 years
Roxana S. (20 years experience, nonsmoker, 20-30Ron/Day)
Caregiver: animal care
Hunedoara, 331036 | Romania

Sunt iubitoare de animale, posesoare a doi pisici si un catel, si doresc sa acord din timpul si experienta mea unor animalute cu stapani iubitori, dar foarte ocupati.

Caregiver candidate animal care - Carmen Emilia B.woman 50 years
Carmen Emilia B. (15 years experience, nonsmoker, 0-0Ron/Hour)
Caregiver: animal care
Bucuresti, 061366 | Romania

Iubitoare de animale, ofer servicii de supraveghere/ ingrijire/ plimbare animale de casa.

Caregiver candidate animal care - Calin 24 years
Calin S. (0 years experience, nonsmoker, 10-20Ron/Day)
Caregiver: animal care
Bucuresti, 031732 | Romania

Am 16 ani si 3 luni am nevoie mare de bani si as dori sa plimb cainii

Caregiver candidate school help - Diana B.woman 24 years
Diana B. (1 year experience, nonsmoker, 30-50Ron/Hour)
Caregiver: school help
Sibiu, 555100 | Romania

Good teaching

Caregiver candidate child care, elderly care, home care - Simona R.woman 33 years
Simona R. (8 years experience, nonsmoker, 800-1000Euro/Month)
Caregiver: child care, elderly care, home care
Constanta, 905600 | Romania

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