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Families - employers, job owners

Families - employers, job owners. helps you to find as quickly as possible the best person for the following jobs: nanny, babysitter, child caregiver, maid, housekeeper, home caregiver, nurse, senior caregiver, pet caregiver, tutor, teacher.


Employer Family L. Corina
Family L. Corina (1 job posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 061327, Romania
Registration date: 18 Oct 2019


Employer Family A. Aldea
Family A. Aldea (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 062086, Romania
Registration date: 15 Oct 2019

Am nevoie de ingrijitor pentru mama, care are semipareza pe partea stanga in urma unei operatii la creier.

Employer Family M. Cristian
Family M. Cristian (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Brasov, 500398, Romania
Registration date: 28 Sep 2019

Femeie 79 ani

Employer Family P. Luminita
Family P. Luminita (1 job posted)
Family from: Ilfov, 077040, Romania
Registration date: 25 Sep 2019

Supraveghere batrana 85 ani.

Employer Family N. Razvan
Family N. Razvan (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Ilfov, 858500, Romania
Registration date: 24 Sep 2019

Cautam o persoana pentru a ingriji pe mama in varsta de 54 de ani

Employer Family M. Florentina
Family M. Florentina (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 600668, Romania
Registration date: 20 Sep 2019

Caut o persoana care sa aiba grija de o batrana imobilizata la pat pt hrana si schimbat/spalat. Cred ca este necesar doar 3 ore pe zi de cineva.

Employer Family M. Guadalupe
Family M. Guadalupe (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 014104, Romania
Registration date: 16 Sep 2019

We are a Spanish expat family of four who lives in Bucharest since May 2019. We have two kids, 8 and 10 yo, and need help in the afternoon. We live...

Employer Family F. Miruna
Family F. Miruna (1 job posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 7000, Romania
Registration date: 10 Sep 2019

Caut persoana care sa aiba grija de o femeie imobilizata la pat, interval orar 9-17 sau negociabil

Employer Family N. G
Family N. G (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Brasov, 500342, Romania
Registration date: 09 Sep 2019


Employer Family P. Kati
Family P. Kati (1 job posted)
Family from: Brasov, 500418, Romania
Registration date: 07 Sep 2019

Ingrinire batrana nedeplasabila

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