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Family G. Jovy from Baguio City, Baguio, Philippines

Employer G. Jovy

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Baguio, Philippines

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Hi, my name is Jovy guarin, a 27 years old.I'm a undergraduate of a nursing..i have 2 children boy and girl..i wanna be a nanny to a 2 or 3 yrs old child to the other country...i am a loving, friendly, caring and honest person..hope that u guys will like me..I am willing to learn new things and to do my best for you. AVAILABLE ANYTIME!
Thank you for reading my profile!


First name: Jovy    Last name: G. (available only for registered members)
Country: Philippines    City: Baguio    Locality: Baguio City
Address: 198 lower engr's hill
Telephone 1: ********    Telephone 2: *********
E-mail: ********
********* : available only for registered members!!!

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