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Families - employers, job owners. helps you to find as quickly as possible the best person for the following jobs: nanny, babysitter, child caregiver, maid, housekeeper, home caregiver, nurse, senior caregiver, pet caregiver, tutor, teacher.


Employer Family G. Daniela
Family G. Daniela (1 job posted)
Family from: Stoke-on-Trent, st46dy, United Kingdom
Registration date: 08 Feb 2012

Elderly couple, looking for someone to help with light housekeeping, cooking, mainly companionship. we offer accommodation, use of car, meals.good...

Employer Family A. Varga
Family A. Varga (1 job posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 011351, Romania
Registration date: 10 Jan 2012

We are a young foreigner family. We speak VERY basic Romanian. We'll stay in Bucharest for another 1, 5 year (or more), so we're searching someone...

Employer Family P. N
Family P. N (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 41696, Romania
Registration date: 15 Dec 2011


Employer Family I. Mihaiu
Family I. Mihaiu (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 7000, Romania
Registration date: 06 Nov 2011

I need an internal nanny for my child of 11 years old, in romania. i am a romanian mother and i am working outside my contry that s whay i need...

Employer Family V. Andreea
Family V. Andreea (1 job posted)
Family from: Iasi, 700731, Romania
Registration date: 03 Nov 2011

Dorim o persoana care sa faca menaj, sa gateasca, sa ingrijeasca o persoana in varsta si eventual un copil de aproape 1 an. precizez ca avem si 2...

Employer Family O. Marius
Family O. Marius (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 007000, Romania
Registration date: 29 Oct 2011

Cautam Ingrijitor / ingrijitoare pentru o batrana de 78 de ani ce in ultima luna si-a pierdut puterile, numai poate sa mearga, necesita ajutor in...

Employer Family C. Mirabela
Family C. Mirabela (1 job posted)
Family from: Prahova, 179540, Romania
Registration date: 24 Oct 2011

Doresc angajare ca femeie de serviciu la persoane particulare si firme si ingrijire copii sau batrani la domiciliul respectiv

Employer Family A. Anton
Family A. Anton (1 job posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 1918, Romania
Registration date: 19 Sep 2011

We will discuss this with you when I find that I am happy with what I see in your service.

Employer Family D. Stela
Family D. Stela (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 013767, Romania
Registration date: 19 Sep 2011

Femeie in varsta 84 ani, care se deplaseaza singura prin casa. solicit infirmiera interna.

Employer Family B. Monica
Family B. Monica (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Brasov, 500117, Romania
Registration date: 13 Aug 2011

Caut bona copii 2 ani si 8 luni si respectiv 5 luni. Niciodata simultan pana la varsta de cel putin 1 an - pentru cel mic doar daca cel mare este...

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