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Families - employers, job owners. helps you to find as quickly as possible the best person for the following jobs: nanny, babysitter, child caregiver, maid, housekeeper, home caregiver, nurse, senior caregiver, pet caregiver, tutor, teacher.


Employer Family G. Jovy
Family G. Jovy (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Baguio, 2600, Philippines
Registration date: 02 Jul 2010

Hi, my name is Jovy guarin, a 27 years old.I'm a undergraduate of a nursing..i have 2 children boy and girl..i wanna be a nanny to a 2 or 3 yrs old...

Employer Family I. Cristina Manuela
Family from: Bucuresti, 02211, Romania
Registration date: 24 Jun 2010

Familie decenta, serioasa, doresc sa lucrez part time 2, 3 zile pe spt.

Employer Family S. Anca
Family S. Anca (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 123456, Romania
Registration date: 21 Jun 2010


Employer Family N. Gabriela
Family N. Gabriela (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 00000, Romania
Registration date: 13 Jun 2010

Caut doamna/domnisoara care sa aiba grija de baietelul meu, 3 anisori, foarte activ, inteligent. caut persoana foarte calma, calculata, curata,...

Employer Family P. Ioan
Family P. Ioan (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Timis, 34563, Romania
Registration date: 01 Jun 2010

Nu sant

Employer Family H. Reem
Family H. Reem (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, sector 3, Romania
Registration date: 19 May 2010

We are lloking for a full time nanny for children

Employer Family G. Neagu
Family G. Neagu (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 010099, Romania
Registration date: 16 May 2010

Un copil de 6 luni, parinti tineri.

Employer Family G. Mircea
Family G. Mircea (1 job posted)
Family from: Suceava, 727345, Romania
Registration date: 08 May 2010

Casatorit, trei copii

Employer Family D. Mihai - Gabriel
Family from: Bucuresti, 020396, Romania
Registration date: 02 May 2010


Employer Family P. Cristina
Family P. Cristina (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 077700, Romania
Registration date: 22 Apr 2010

1 bebe de 8 luni

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