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Families - employers, job owners

Families - employers, job owners. helps you to find as quickly as possible the best person for the following jobs: nanny, babysitter, child caregiver, maid, housekeeper, home caregiver, nurse, senior caregiver, pet caregiver, tutor, teacher.


Employer Family L. Claudia
Family L. Claudia (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Brasov, 500260, Romania
Registration date: 05 May 2012

Caut prestatori ingrijire animale pt un catel bichon ocazional ; cate 2-3 zile ; anuntata din timp desigur, cand suntem plecati in concediu sau...

Employer Family D. Bogdan
Family D. Bogdan (1 job posted)
Family from: Rheinland-Pfalz, 56412, Germany
Registration date: 27 Apr 2012

Suntem o familie cu 2 copii. Cel mare are 14 ani, cel mic are 5 luni.

Employer Family F. Grigorescu
Family F. Grigorescu (1 job posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 12350, Romania
Registration date: 17 Apr 2012

Buna seara, ma numesc Florina, am 44 de ani si am calificare de infirmiera . Am nevoie de un job part-aim pt dimineata ori seara sa-mi rotunjesc...

Employer Family M. Mihai
Family M. Mihai (1 job posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 030398, Romania
Registration date: 10 Apr 2012

Cautam doamna pentru a avea grija de o persoana nedeplasabila, 3-4 zile pe luna.

Employer Family Z. Doinita
Family Z. Doinita (1 job posted)
Family from: Braila, 810430, Romania
Registration date: 04 Apr 2012

Angajam persoana serioasa, calma, cu calitati umane de inalta calitate, pentru ingrijire persoana in varsta, de sex feminin, cu pareza pe partea...

Employer Family M. Joanne
Family M. Joanne (1 job posted)
Family from: Kingston upon Hull, City of, W1J 9BR, United Kingdom
Registration date: 27 Feb 2012


Employer Family S. Eric
Family S. Eric (1 job posted)
Family from: Stoke-on-Trent, ST8 7SA, United Kingdom
Registration date: 18 Feb 2012

Elderley couple; Gentleman in wheelchair needing help with washing & dressing, wife needs general care & assistance wtih cooking, ironing. Own...

Employer Family G. Daniela
Family G. Daniela (1 job posted)
Family from: Stoke-on-Trent, st46dy, United Kingdom
Registration date: 08 Feb 2012

Elderly couple, looking for someone to help with light housekeeping, cooking, mainly companionship. we offer accommodation, use of car, meals.good...

Employer Family A. Varga
Family A. Varga (1 job posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 011351, Romania
Registration date: 10 Jan 2012

We are a young foreigner family. We speak VERY basic Romanian. We'll stay in Bucharest for another 1, 5 year (or more), so we're searching someone...

Employer Family P. N
Family P. N (0 jobs posted)
Family from: Bucuresti, 41696, Romania
Registration date: 15 Dec 2011


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